Wednesday, July 23, 2008


An "unknown" assailant has been commenting up a storm on my blog....and I love it! Also, this assailant has said that they are running out of posts to read on my blog, so I will post more. Soon. I promise.

To entertain you in the meantime, here is a series of random Garfield frames that I spliced together:


Holly said...

This is the best Garfield site ever...EVER:

KVK said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Go Garfield! And I await more posts! (Anonymously and unknownly!)

And... one vote for "An extremely intensive and extensive review of The Dark Knight" (which has been nominated for a didlefest award on this same blog earlier this year, I'm surprised there wasn't a review after the midnight showing last Thursday!)

P.S. To other readers out there, my personal recommendation is to make #1 on your bookmarks. You won't regret it.

P.P.S. Where have I been all these years?