Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Game of Thrones Drinking Game for Drinking Gamers

My boyfriend recently got me into the HBO show Game of Thrones. Whenever my boyfriend and I watch something together, I have a habit of yelling “There they are, I was wondering where they were!” whenever I see boobs on the screen. Sometimes, for brevity, I’ll just shout “TITS!”

I found myself doing this to exhaustion by the fourth episode of GOT. My boyfriend was drinking a beer, so I said “You should drink every time there are boobs on the screen.” This was towards the last few minutes of the episode, so he only took about 10 more sips of his beer.

Earlier last week, we were discussing watching Game of Thrones and the drinking game. I suggested that we add a few more rules to the game. After much bickering, we nailed down the rules.

Rules For Games of Thrones Drinking Game for Drinking Gamers

  1. Drink once for every boob shot.
  2. Drink once for every cock shot.
  3. Drink once if you see blood.
  4. Drink for the duration of any sex scene.
  5. If a main character dies, finish your drink.
  6. If you see 1-5 all in the same scene, shotgun a beer.

The above pic does not count as boob shot....unfortunately.

Sounds pretty simple, but it is effective. I couldn’t drink last night due to illness, so my man was on his own. By the end of the seventh episode, he was drunker than a Irish sailor on New Year’s Eve.