Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My extremely intensive and extensive review of 300

It was HOT. The extremely well built men were 3/4 nakey the whole time! The story telling was lame, the effects were good. But the men were HOTTTTTTTTTTT!

Lots of gory violence as well. It had as many beheading scenes as Sin City had castration scenes.

It was all around delicious.

Monday, March 05, 2007

New Apartment

I have finally moved into my new apartment. Not only that, I've almost settled in. Just a few things remain:

-I need to get and rf modulator for my tv
-I need to get cable Internet

For a solid week I did not have a tv, so I relied heavily on radio, dvds on my laptop, and books to keep my sanity.

Right now I'm sitting in a trendy coffee shop just a block away from my new place. This place has free Wi-Fi, which is awesome, being that I have no Internet at home.

So far everything has been great at my new place. It's quiet, clean and in a good location. It has a gym, bike room and laundry on site.

I will post pictures once I take them and then find a stable Internet connection.

On Friday I will be picking up a bike from my mom's house, then, weather permitting, I will explore the town.