Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Purging

Now that I no longer have a car, I find myself fiddling with my phone a lot more. This is because I often find myself bored at a bus stop or train station, or I fiddle with it to avoid eye contact with homeless people as I walk to work. The other day I noticed that my photo memory was nearly full, so I realized I need to cull some of the photos. Before I do that, however, I would like to immortalize some of them on this blog.

I had about four billion pictures of my cat, but this one was the cutest:

I found this note stuck in a bible at church on Christmas Eve last year:

This what my car looked like after the accident:

These next two pictures are from my indoor garden (an eggplant and a strawberry, respectively):

Because I have a really juvenile sense of humor, I had to take these next two photos. The first one I took at metro station and the second one at a grocery store:

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the world's gayest doughnut:

Now this following picture represents the pinnacle of assholery:

I posted this picture on craiglist, along with his license plate number and a short description of how I saw the driver rape a nun while giving the finger to the American flag.

This picture of an incredibly useful and insightful poster was taken at a warehouse bathroom:

Once upon a time I got really bored at a meeting, so I drew a picture of my cat with a black belt in karate, nunchucks, and a beer:

This is what my cat looks like in real life:


KVK said...


My favorite is the truck in the multiple compact car parking spots. And also Joey relaxing.

larkin said...

these are extra funny. but when are you gonna put another picture of me on here?