Monday, March 05, 2007

New Apartment

I have finally moved into my new apartment. Not only that, I've almost settled in. Just a few things remain:

-I need to get and rf modulator for my tv
-I need to get cable Internet

For a solid week I did not have a tv, so I relied heavily on radio, dvds on my laptop, and books to keep my sanity.

Right now I'm sitting in a trendy coffee shop just a block away from my new place. This place has free Wi-Fi, which is awesome, being that I have no Internet at home.

So far everything has been great at my new place. It's quiet, clean and in a good location. It has a gym, bike room and laundry on site.

I will post pictures once I take them and then find a stable Internet connection.

On Friday I will be picking up a bike from my mom's house, then, weather permitting, I will explore the town.


Christian said...

Hi! Sorry I didn't really to talk to you at the party last night. I didn't know you had moved into your new place. Nice! Hope to catch up with you sometime soon.


Christian said...

Oops, I left out a word. BTW I have a really bad hangover today. Must have been something I drank ...