Friday, May 12, 2006

Congratulations to (Enrique)?

Congratulations to e for winning the trivia contest! Even though he was the only one to answer, he still got a very high percentage (3/5)!

Here are the answers:

1) What movie is this screen capture from? Joe Vs the Volcano.

2) What reproductive structure do marsupials lack? A placenta.

3) Name the photographer of this picture. Nick Knight.

4) If you took a Pyrex dish, filled it with vegetable oil, and placed another Pyrex dish in it and filled that with oil, what would happen (other than a possible overflow of oil)? (updated)

It will disappear!

5) In The Da Vinci Code, what were the messages within the cryptex written on? Papyrus.

I will be contacting the winner somehow to give them their lame prize. Another trivia quiz will be posted at a later date. I encourage ALL to participate.


Anonymous said...

U kidz b teh smrt -- Olibr

Anonymous said...

this is dums

E said...

Yay! I rock.
I get a prize! and any prize is better than lame old nothing.