Monday, May 15, 2006

The (Sort of) Daily Blurb

Sometimes I think that mental illness doesn't really exist. Instead, some people just don't get their own jokes. For instance, lets say I utter the following in passing to freak people out:

My dog controls my thoughts.

Eventually I forget that I was joking, and I wait for directions from my dog.

Then I would think:

What would a dog normally tell me to do? Probably sniff strangers' butts, bark at nothing and eat my own feces. Sounds like fun to me!

Next thing I know, I am in an mental institution. I constantly slobber and I only respond to the word "sit." All because I told a joke.

Of course this can't be true. Mental illness is serious business, and I shouldn't be joking about it. Or am I really joking?


qrswave said...

maybe you need some nap time or a biscuit?

Anonymous said...

That's actually really funny.

I'm glad you made your blog available to ljers. You have a wonderful writing style.

When I feel my most pathetic, I find my appreciation for irony the most pronounced. :P